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Southdown are continuing to look to improve the ways in which we make our services accessible and the help and support we offer passengers that may require extra assistance. All of our buses have low floors, and are fully accessible with ramps.


At the present time, regulations only allow one wheelchair, scooter, or pushchair to be carried in the designated space at any one time. We welcome the co-operation of all passengers in making this space available to disabled people when necessary.

Many bus stops in the towns in which we serve have become easily accessible, with raised kerbs so that the bus can get right next to it and a wheelchair user gets on or off without needing the ramp. In other cases, the driver will deploy a ramp to make getting on and off the bus with a wheelchair or scooter quick and easy.

  • Wheelchairs

We welcome manual, battery powered wheelchairs that are within the size limit (up to 1000mm length x 600mm wide), with a turning circle no greater than 1200mm. We have provided the following tips to ensure that you have a safe and trouble free journey. Wheelchairs must be reversed up to the “ironing board” style cushion and face the rear of the bus. Brakes must be applied. This is to ensure that the wheelchair user is protected by a three point surround. When buses are busy we will try to ensure that passengers in wheelchairs board first to access the designated space. If other passengers are already in the wheelchair designated space, our drivers will ask that passengers vacate the area to allow the wheelchair user to board. 

  • Scooters

We are able to accept some class 2 scooters (up to 1000mm length x 600mm wide). We can arrange to visit you to establish whether or not your class 2 scooter can be used on our services. Once the scooter has been inspected, a card will be provided for you to confirm that it is able to access our services. Please contact us for further details.

  • Pushchairs

One unfolded buggy can be carried at any one time on our buses. In the event that a wheelchair user needs the space, drivers will ask you to vacate the area and if necessary, fold up your buggy. Your co-operation in this is very much appreciated. We would encourage owners of large buggies to consider using a small, lightweight buggy on buses as this will improve the travelling experience for all.


  • Bicycles

Folding bikes can be carried on buses provided that they can be safely stowed in the luggage area and they do not have any parts such as handlebars or pedals sticking out which could cause a danger to other passengers.


  • Contact Us

Please contact customer services on 01342 719 619 or email if you require any further information.

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