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Safety and security

100% of our fleet is fitted with CCTV cameras inside and out to provide a safe and secure environment and we continue to invest as CCTV technology improves.

Two-way communication enables our drivers to quickly summon assistance. A vehicle location system using mobile technology is also used which enables us to see any of our buses. This immediately pinpoints the location of any bus or incident in real time, improving response times and passenger support.

Organisation requests for CCTV images

Should you work for an organisation, such as the police, you can make the request by clicking the link below. This will then be passed to our CCTV administrators who will contact you directly to arrange the release of the images if it is appropriate to do so. Unfortunately we cannot release any CCTV without completion of this form.

Subject Access Request

Occasionally it may be necessary for an individual to request CCTV images or a copy of personal information that is held by Southdown Buses on that individual. This will be considered under the conditions of Data Protection Laws and that we are satisfied as to your identity. Completion of this online form constitutes a Subject Access Request within our Data Protection Policy.

The main exemptions in relation to information held on the CCTV System are where the information may be held for:

  • Prevention and detection of crime

  • Apprehension and prosecution of offenders

If release of the information will disclose information relating to another individual(s), who can be identified from that information, then Southdown Buses are not obliged to comply with a request unless:

  • The other individual(s) has consented to the disclosure of information through the formal Subject Access Request process, or

  • It is reasonable in all circumstances to comply with the request without consent of the other individual(s)

Unfortunately we cannot release any CCTV without completion of this form. We will provide a written response to the access request within 30 days of receiving the full details of the request, in line with data protection law.


Thanks for submitting!

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