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1. Planning your journey

Visit our route information page for timetables, maps, and fares information. We are also developing a real-time information system that will tell you exactly when the bus will arrive at your stop, so that you don’t have to wait in the cold!

2. Waiting at the bus stop

Wait at the bus stop keeping back from the kerb. When you see the bus approaching, put your hand out to indicate to the driver that you want to catch the bus. If you’re waiting in the dark, it is helpful if you wear bright clothing or have a torch to make yourself known to the driver. Have your fare or pass ready before you board to speed up boarding and help the bus run on time.

3. Boarding the bus

It is important that you take your ticket and keep hold of it for the entire journey. If an inspector gets on the bus, you will need to show the ticket to them along with your pass.

4. Once onboard

Find a seat as quickly as you can so that the bus can get going and keep on time. Please remember to take all your rubbish with you, and keep noise to a minimum – this helps provide a better experience for all our passengers.

5. Leaving the bus

Please ring the bell once before the bus arrives at your stop, but remember you need to give the driver time to stop. Stay in your seat until the bus comes to a complete stop, your safety is our priority! Once you have got off the bus wait on the pavement until the bus has gone before you attempt to cross the road. Never cross the road in front of the bus - you cannot see if any vehicles are overtaking it.

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